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GE Evolution Series Locomotive Engine Earns UIC IIIA Certification

Posted on April 16, 2009

GE Transportation announced that it has been awarded UIC certificates E-001/2009-02 for its Evolution V12 diesel locomotive engines that power its Evolution Series locomotives. The Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer (UIC – International Union of Railways) inspection procedure, which includes an endurance run as well as tests to determine exhaust emissions, verified both the engine’s mechanical quality and compliance with the stringent demands of UIC Stage IIIA emissions standards.

These engines cover a performance range up to 2,982 kW and currently form the platform for GE’s international family of locomotives most recently supplied to Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Kazakhstan Railways) and Egyptian National Railways (ENR). This is a singular achievement as it provides assurance to GE’s customers around the world that GE locomotives are environmentally compliant.

The innovative locomotive is equipped with a 12-cylinder diesel engine that produces the same 4,400 horsepower as its 16-cylinder predecessor. The smaller engine uses up to 5% less fuel, or approximately 1.1 million liters of fuel over the life of the locomotive, while reducing emissions by approximately 40%.

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