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GE Oil & Gas Emissions Technology Makes Debut

Posted on April 22, 2009

A cogeneration power plant in Cremona, Italy is the site of the world’s first commercial application of new 15 ppm Dry Low NOx (DLN) technology developed by GE Oil & Gas, which is capable of meeting the strictest DLN emissions standards in Europe.

Thanks to this technology breakthrough, the GE10 gas turbine at the plant is setting a new standard for controlling the NOx emissions for mechanical drive gas turbines, demonstrating the capability of the 15 ppm NOx emissions across a wide 50 to 100% load range.

A cogeneration combined-cycle power plant owned and operated by AEM Gestioni is supplying electric power and district heating for the town of Cremona. The train, originally supplied by the former Turbotecnica division of GE Oil & Gas, is composed of a PGT10 Steam Injection gas turbine driving an electrical generator through a speed reducing gear box. On the same axis, a steam turbine is acting as a helper, contributing to the gross power output of the train. The steam is generated by a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) by recovering the gas turbine’s exhaust waste heat. Steam turbine exhaust is used for district heating.

GE Oil & Gas upgraded the existing PGT10 gas turbine at the plant with the similar and more recent GE10 model to achieve both power increase and emission reduction. As a side benefit, the increased airflow rate of the gas turbine will allow the HRSG to produce more steam, which in turn means extra power from the steam turbine.

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