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Fine-Tuning Options

High-pressure tuning for part and low-loads; increased efficiency and potentially lower costs

Posted on April 29, 2013

ABB Turbocharging announced that its high-pressure tuning (HPT) was added to MAN Diesel & Turbo’s two-stroke engine tuning options.

ABB said its HPT is an engine tuning for part and low-loads designed to fully leverage pressure ratio and turbocharger efficiency, two critical factors in a turbocharger that are often not used to their full potential.

HPT forces more air into a two-stroke engine by increasing the pressure 0.5 bar above what would normally be expected from the turbocharger, the company said. Most turbocharging setups for part and low-load require some extra hardware such as an exhaust gas bypass (EGB) or variable turbine geometry to reduce excess pressure from the cylinders. HPT compensates without such add-ons by delaying the closing of the exhaust valve somewhat later than in an engine with conventional tuning, the company said.

According to ABB, the reduction of extra hardware and elimination of moving parts reduces the initial investment and corresponding service costs for engine builders, ship owners and operators.

Engines tuned with HPT are also fuel-efficient across the entire output range for low and part-loads and fuel is reduced by almost 19L/kWh compared to an engine with standard tuning, the company said.