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Rolls-Royce Launches Retrofit Upgrade

RB211-Gzero upgrade provides 10% power increase

Posted on September 27, 2012

Rolls-Royce has launched RB211-Gzero, a retrofit upgrade product that the company said provides many existing users of industrial RB211 aeroderivative gas turbine engines with a nominal power increase of 10%, depending on ambient temperature and engine type.

Engineered as a modular package for ease of maintenance, the RB211-Gzero product will specifically benefit operators of the 440-plus worldwide installed fleet of RB211-C and RB211–G variant gas generators that feature RT-56 or RT-62 power turbines, the company said. 

The RB211-Gzero power increase is achieved during routine gas turbine overhaul by retrofitting applicable RB211 units with a modular package that increases the flow of air through the engine, thereby increasing power availability at ISO conditions by 10% for the RB211-G, and up to 31% for the RB211-C, depending on existing package configuration. This simple retrofit approach requires minimal modification to the existing gas turbine and also ensures that oil and gas production and power generation facility downtime is kept to a minimum.

With over 700 units sold, recording more than 30 million operating hours, the industrial RB211 gas turbine is available in a power range of 29 to 44 MW for  oil and gas and power generation applications.