Beating The Heat

Turbine pre-cooling to ensure maximum efficiency for large San Diego hospital

Posted on September 9, 2013

Everest Sciences Corp., a provider of air cooling and handling solutions for the oil and gas, power generation, chemical production and other industries, announced its CleanChill turbine pre-cooling system.

The company said CleanChill is a filterhouse solution that provides chilled inlet air to a gas turbine, allowing it to operate at greater output and efficiency during higher ambient temperatures. The company also announced it has shipped CleanChill to its first customer, a large medical center in the San Diego, California, U.S.A., area.

As ambient temperatures rise, gas turbines lose efficiency, requiring operators to either add additional power generation on-site or purchase power from a local utility. Everest Sciences said its ECOCool system uses the company’s patented multi-staged indirect evaporative inlet cooling combined with direct evaporative cooling to provide cooler, denser air to the turbine compared to traditional evaporative techniques. 

The company’s ECOChill hybrid system combines indirect evaporative cooling and supplementary chilling in a pre-packaged solution to provide chilled air using a fraction of the parasitic power of conventional chilling methods and, therefore, more net power for use. The new CleanChill product combines available onsite chilled water with an air handling filterhouse for turbine pre-cooling, the company said.

For the hospital installation, Everest Sciences worked with Trane Commercial Systems of Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A. The company said that CleanChill was first engineered to efficiently target specific inlet air temperatures, and then the air handling package, which includes multi-staged filtration and moisture separation around the chilling design, was integrated.