Expanding Services

Wood Group GTS increases maintenance facilities, training of personnel; broadening service options for turbine fleet operators

Posted on August 27, 2013

Wood Group GTS has expanded its gas turbine service line and now offers maintenance, repair and overhaul for Solar Mars and Siemens SGT 200 (Tornado) dry low emissions and SGT 100 (Typhoon) gas turbines. 

Wood Group said it is the first independent service provider to offer aftermarket services for all three models, which are used primarily by the oil & gas industry.

Wood Group GTS has expanded its maintenance facilities in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., and Aberdeen, U.K., to accommodate the new turbines. In Houston, the engine test facility has been extended to include Solar Mars capability, while the existing test cell in Aberdeen was extended to incorporate SGT 200 dry low emissions (DLE) testing and new test capability is being added for the SGT 100 (Typhoon) engine line. These new test cells feature control systems designed by Wood Group GTS and enable the turbines to be tested at full operating load, the company said.

Wood Group said its expansion of aftermarket services to these three engine lines increases the service options available to turbine fleet operators – the Solar Mars fleet comprises approximately 1000 units, while the Siemens fleets encompass approximately 400 SGT 100 engines and approximately 50 SGT 200 DLE turbines. Previously, these engine lines were supported almost exclusively by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).