New Rating For Data Center Industry

Meets Uptime Institute Tier 3 and 4 certification

Posted on August 25, 2014

The Rolls-Royce Power Systems subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy Corp. has released a new power output rating exclusive to the data center industry.

The data center power (DCP) rating allows unlimited runtime and greater usable power output for maximum performance and reliability in data center applications, the company said. Designed for the specialized needs of data centers, the new rating applies to MTU Onsite Energy’s Series 4000 generator sets with a power output range of 1135 to 2800 kWe.

Currently available for purchase from MTU Onsite Energy’s network of distributors, the Uptime Institute Tier 3- and 4-compliant DCP rating was developed to eliminate runtime limitations for data centers that demand high availability requirements and long-term viability, MTU said.