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Caterpillar Announces New Engine and New Ratings

Posted on December 3, 2004

The Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Division used the recent WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. to introduce its C280 engine and new ratings for the 3500 series. The C280 series engine employs Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) for reduced fuel consumption, emissions and smoke. The C280 is an upgrade of the venerable 3600 series, a 280 mm bore, medium-speed engine used in marine applications such as tugs, fishing vessels, tow boats, supply vessels, AHTS vessels, and military and patrol vessels. The C280 will be available with continuous and maximum continuous ratings from 1730 to 5420 bkW for propulsion applications, and prime power ratings from 1900 to 5420 bkW for marine auxiliary and diesel electric drive applications. Rated speeds of 900 or 1000 r/min may be selected for six-, eight-, 12-, and 16-cylinder configurations.

The C280 incorporates all the core components of the 3600 series marine engine, including the cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and camshafts. However, the C280 replaces the mechanical fuel injection system of the 3600 series with Cat’s Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) fuel system. This fuel system combines the ADEM-III governor with electronic unit injectors. Variable injection timing and duration optimize combustion for any given speed and load. This electronic fuel system is similar to the one utilized in the 3500B series. The C280 meets current EPA and IMO Tier I emissions standards and has the capability to meet future EPA and IMO Tier II emissions standards. Factory shipments are planned for mid-2005.

Now including new hardware and software designs and the addition of ACERT technology, Cat has increased ratings for the 3500 Series marine engine family to create the more powerful 3500C-HD (high displacement) family. The new ratings provide higher power outputs with low fuel consumption, long engine life and reduced maintenance costs, according to the company. The new 3500C-HD 1800 r/min program features six new engine ratings that offer up to 21% increased power ratings compared to the current 3500B-HD Series II 1600 program. The 3516C-HD engines are 60 degree, V 16-cylinder, 78 L displacement, 4 stroke marine diesel engines with dry weights of about 7850 kg and dimensions of 3187 x 1753 x 1703 mm. The 3512C-HD engines are 60 degree, V 12-cylinder, 58.6 L displacement engines with dry weights of 5554 kg and dimensions of 2819 x 1806 x 1703 mm. The new ratings include 2525, 2350 and 1900 bkW at 1800 r/min for the 16-cylinder engines and 1895, 1765 and 1425 bkW at 1800 r/min for the 12-cylinder engines.

The new higher ratings are significant for the harbor tug market, as they provide increased pull capacities while allowing for compact and efficient engine rooms. Tug bollard pull capacities should reach 50 to 60+ tons for 3512C-HD engines and 65 to 75+ tons for 3516C-HD engines.

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