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Rolls-Royce Gas Engines for Dutch Greenhouses

Posted on December 1, 2005

Producers of tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers and paprika in the Netherlands will soon be increasing production after installing 13 Rolls-Royce gas engines to produce electricity and heat for their greenhouses.

The cogeneration power plants will also bring environmental and economical benefits. CO2 from the engine’s flue gases will be used in the greenhouses to create the correct environmental balance to increase the production rate of the fresh products. When the generating plants are not providing power for the assimilation light in the greenhouses, the owners will use the heat and CO2, while selling the electrical power back to the grid.

“This is an important first sale into the greenhouse horticulture industry of the Netherlands and the scope for more business is significant”, said Bjørn Thorbjørnsen, vice president marketing of the Rolls-Royce diesels power business.

The 13 co-generation power plants will generate over 36MW of electrical power and 43MW of heat for seven locations. The expected operation is between 5000 and 6000 hours per year, depending on the types of products being produced. The gas engine used in all the installations is the latest version of the successful K-gas, the G4.1. Both 12- and 16-cylinder versions will power the cogeneration systems.

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