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GE Compression Technology for Oman Expansion Projects

Posted on December 14, 2006

GE Oil & Gas has been awarded two separate contracts to supply centrifugal compressors for two Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) projects: one in the Saih Rawl gas field of Central Oman, and the other in the Harweel oil field of South Oman. GE will provide four electric motor-driven BCL605 compressor trains to be used to boost pressure from the wells to the central processing plant in the Saih Rawl gas field. Each new train will have a capacity of 510 000 Nm3 of natural gas per hour.

The equipment will be manufactured at GE Oil & Gas facilities in Florence, Italy and shipped to the project site in March of 2008. Commercial operation is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008. The Saih Rawl project is the first in a series of projects planned by PDO to boost wellhead pressure in the Central Oman gas fields.

GE was also selected to provide a low-pressure and a medium-pressure centrifugal compressor and balance-of-plant equipment for the Harweel Phase 2 Zalzala enhanced oil recovery project. The equipment for this project will be manufactured at GE Oil & Gas facilities in Le Creusot, France and shipped to Oman in December of 2007. Commercial operation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008. Each of the new compression trains for the Harweel project will have a process gas flow rate capacity of 135 tons per hour.

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