GE And Toshiba Joint Venture

Global Strategic Alliance to develop combined-cycle projects, next-generation technology

Posted on January 24, 2013

Building on a 30-year relationship between the two companies, GE and Toshiba Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to form an alliance under which the two companies would jointly develop select combined-cycle power generation projects around the world.

The companies said this new alliance builds on that long, successful history of collaboration.  As part of the MOU, GE and Toshiba will also explore joint development of next-generation, combined-cycle technology with higher levels of thermal efficiency.

GE and Toshiba each have a variety of complementary high-efficiency steam turbine and generator technologies that together will bring stronger capabilities in total engineering solutions for combined-cycle systems such as highest plant efficiency and a shorter and flexible start-up profile, the companies said.

Toshiba and GE have cooperated in gas turbine combined-cycle power generation systems since 1982 and have existing agreements to pursue 50Hz and 60Hz projects together in Japan and in key regions in Asia.

GE and Toshiba won a contract in 2012 to supply the new FlexEfficiency technology to Chubu Electric Power’s Nishi Nagoya thermal power plant in Japan. This system is being jointly configured with the goal of achieving the world’s highest thermal efficiency of 62% at site conditions.