Hoerbiger And L'Orange Enter In To D’Blue

Hoerbiger and L’Orange sign a cooperative agreement for large engines with compression ignition

Posted on March 27, 2013

The Hoerbiger Technology Group and L’ Orange GmbH, a specialist in diesel injection, have established a consortium under the name of D’Blue for the supply of equipment for large-scale diesel and dual-fuel engines on the Asian market. As of now, the two companies will be working together to offer electronic injection and control technology to improve the efficiency and reduce the emissions of large engines.

L’Orange is supplying the diesel injection technology and Hoerbiger will deliver the gas injector valves, actuators, and engine control systems.

The cooperation is a move to meet growing market requirements: more stringent legislation as well as the customers’ ongoing quest for increased cost effectiveness are fuelling demand for efficient, environmentally friendly complete solutions for diesel and dual-fuel systems.

The two companies will work together to enhance their product portfolio for the equipping of two- and four-stroke engines in the power class of 100 kW per cylinder and higher. Under the name D’Blue, the two companies will be acting as a system supplier for injection and control technology for large engines with compression ignition. D’Blue will provide “optimally tailored components which allow the intensified emission and consumption goals for industrial and marine engines to be met or even surpassed.”

Although Hoerbiger and L’Orange are acting as collaboration partners for this technology, they will remain separate and independent companies. Jens Hartrampf, Head of Engine Solutions, Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH: “D’Blue constitutes a long-term collaboration agreement for the promising market segment of large engines with compression ignition. L’Orange is a strong partner with unrivalled experience in diesel injection for large engines. This collaboration agreement allows us to offer our customers high-performance complete solutions which will also enable future emission and efficiency requirements to be met.”

Olav Altmann, Director of Sales and Service, L’Orange GmbH: “Thanks to swift development in the field of large engines and the evident major trend towards dual-fuel engines, we need to offer powerful complete solutions—especially on the Asian market. The collaboration with Hoerbiger allows us to combine leading technologies from two worlds - that of electronic control and that of diesel oil and gas injection. It’s what our customers expect from us and what we’re now able to provide with D’Blue.”