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Allied Power Expands Operations

Posted on February 4, 2010

Allied Power Group announced the opening of its new Houston facility building that centralizes the company headquarters, sales, repairs and warehousing in one location.

As a result, Allied’s product line now includes Westinghouse 501F and GE Frame 7FA+e turbines and parts and extends repair capabilities to steam turbines and a worldwide customer base. In addition, the expansion brings as many as 100 new jobs to the Houston area.

Allied Power Group has invested time and capital into qualifying processes to repair W501F and Frame 7FA+e combustion turbines, including pioneering the repair of several key parts, including W501F ring segments. “With the added space and new layout at this facility, Allied will be able to perform repairs on Westinghouse 501F and GE 7FA turbine components more efficiently,” said Alan Lovelace, P.E., Engineering Manager. “More space also means the ability to add larger machining equipment to handle larger components.”

Now that the new Houston facility is open, Allied Power Group will close its other locations in Houston and Coconut Creek, Florida, U.S.A., as the leases expire.

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