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Boosting Efficiency Of Green Power Plants

Posted on February 25, 2010

H.Cegielski-Poznan S.A. has ordered two MAN Diesel TCS-PTG18 power turbine systems from MAN Diesel's turbocharger business unit. The TCS-PTGs will boost the efficiency of two diesel power plants to be constructed by Land & Marine for renewable energy company, Blue-NG in London.

H. Cegielski-built MAN B&W 7K60MC-S engines installed in each plant will product 13.9 MW of power. MAN Diesel's latest, high-efficiency TCA turbochargers make it possible to divert more exhaust gas to power turbine-based, energy-recovery systems. The power turbine is inserted into the exhaust gas system parallel to the turbocharger. Here is drives an electrical generator vi a reduction gearbox and receives up to 13% of the exhaust gas flow, diverted from the main engine power.

A TCS-PTG18 will be employed at each plant. Blue-NG aims to build highly efficient power plants and is sparing no effort to optimally use the energy created by the two combined heat and intelligent power (CHiP) sites. Five generators installed in five cycles will accumulate a total of 18.3 MW at each plant.

MAN Diesel sees good potential for further applications of TCS-PTG waste-heat recovery systems in diesel power plants and marine applications. “The dramatic increase in fuel prices in 2008 has revived interests in systems that maximize overall system efficiency,” says Dr. Antonio Fernandez, vice president sales and promotion at MAN Diesel Turbocharger. “The ongoing CO2-debate, and the fact that more and more companies are considering environmental issues in their newbuilding projects, will make the waste-heat recovery system an interesting option.”

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