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GE Technology Selected

Posted on February 10, 2010

GE was recently awarded a contract by Enel SpA to complete phase 6 of an 8-phase project at Enel Maritza East 3 (EME3) Thermal Power Plant in Bulgaria. During this phase, GE will convert two electrostatic precipitators (ESP) from tumbling hammer to GE’s advanced top rap technology, helping to increase reliability of the unit, lower maintenance costs and achieve lower emissions.

This latest contract will convert fields 1 and 2 of the Unit 2 precipitator to help achieve emissions below 50 mg/Nm3 (dry at 6% O2). The contract to rebuild fields 1 and 2 of the Unit 1 precipitator was awarded to GE in November 2008, and the project was completed in August 2009. Currently, Fields 1 and 2 are configured as a rigid emitter frame, tumbling hammer design. GE previously reconfigured fields 3 and 4 of the Unit 2 precipitator to a top-rap design. As part of the new contract, the two inlet fields will be converted to the same top-rap design with components supplied by GE.

As part of the contract, all existing internal components will be removed to accommodate the new parts. The existing casing, inlet transition, outlet transition, hoppers, and structural supports will be reused as part of the rebuild scope. GE’s acclaimed rigid discharge electrodes will replace the existing wire frame discharge electrodes.

Electromagnetic impact rappers will be mounted on the roof of the precipitator to impart cleaning force into the collecting plates and rigid electrodes. GE also is supplying acoustic horns to aid ash evacuation and prevent hopper build-up, which will minimize the possibility of unplanned maintenance and outages.

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