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A Lean, Green, Emission-Free Machine

Posted on February 23, 2011

ElectraTherm’s Gulf Coast distributor, Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE) is generating fuel-free, emission-free power using the ElectraTherm heat-to-power “Green Machine” to capture excess heat generated by the cooling of a natural gas compressor internal combustion engine (ICE). The machine, which is still operating, has logged more than 2000 hours, GCGE said.

GCGE teamed up with a natural gas compression services company and a South Texas, U.S.A., natural gas field to show that ElectraTherm’s machine could be used on a gas compressor engine.

The project marks the first commercial ICE application of the Green Machine, which captures surplus heat from a Waukesha 5794 engine and generates electricity that can be supplied to a local grid, GCGE said.

Since the machine went online last year, it has generated 14.2 MWh with 95% uptime in the past three months, which is enough to power more than 20 homes, according to the company.

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