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Vereniging Gasturbine Becomes DGTA

Posted on February 11, 2011

The Vereniging Gasturbine (VGT) has changed its name to Dutch Gas Turbine Association (DGTA). This signifies the internationalization of the gas turbine sector and of the DGTA members, a substantial part of which has a non-Dutch mother company, DGTA said.

DGTA is the sector association for the gas turbine industry in the Netherlands. It acts as the Dutch Community in the international gas turbine world for manufacturers, suppliers, users and research bodies. The main goal of the association is to strengthen the technological, commercial and labor market position of this industry, it said.

DGTA was founded in 1981, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. DGTA is active in various organizations and initiatives, which include the Netherlands Aerospace College, the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Aviation (KIAL), The Dutch Aero Engine Cluster (DAEC), the European Turbine Network (ETN) and the Power Gen Advisory Board.

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