Joint Cooling Solutions Efforts

Thin air moving-device cools electronic components, improves thermal performance

Posted on January 9, 2014

GE is partnering with Aavid Thermalloy, a thermal management provider, to commercialize GE’s Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ) technology. Aavid provides advanced cooling solutions to a wide range of end markets, from consumer electronics and high-end computing to industrial systems, transportation and renewable energy.

DCJ, developed at GE Global Research, is a thin air moving-device that can operate in a space as little as 2 mm high. It simulates a person’s breathing pattern, functioning like a bellow where high-velocity jets of air are drawn in and pushed out without using moving parts.

For electronic cooling applications, DCJ’s bellows provide high-velocity jets of air to cool electronic components. GE said the technology requires less space and energy, and offers higher reliability compared to conventional thermal solutions. The company said DCJ technology improves the thermal performance of many active and passively cooled electronic systems, increasing the heat transfer rate to more than ten times that of natural convection.

Aavid’s DCJ development will be driven out of their U.S.-based design centers and expanded globally throughout 2014 and design services will be available through Aavid Design beginning in Q1 of this year.