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Ballast Water Treatment System Delivered by Hyundai Heavy Industries

Posted on July 6, 2009

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) recently delivered 7,000TEU containership equipped a ballast water treatment system for ships, tentatively named EcoBallast, to Schulte (Germany). It is the first time a ballast water treatment system has been developed in a shipyard.

EcoBallast will protect the marine environment from the transfer of foreign organisms via ballast water. It is composed of two main units, the filter and the UV reactor. The filter can significantly reduce the sediment load in the ballast water. The UV reactor is specially designed for this ballast water treatment application to reduce the eco-footprint and to maximize the efficiency of the system.

The system is a chemical-free system; it does not use or produce any chemicals, avoiding potential harm to the ship, the ship’s ballast tank coating, the crew, and the marine environment. The system is controlled by a programmable logic controller, which is installed in the control panel.

HHI plans to get final approval of International Maritime Organization (IMO) in early 2010 after onboard approval tests during the voyage of the containership. The containership can store 10,000 metric tons of seawater in its ballast tanks when it is not carrying cargo. “The market for a ballast water treatment system is a Blue Ocean. The system will show HHI’s high technology and enhance HHI’s competitive power in the environmentally friendly product market”, an HHI official said. According to the industry, 5 billion tons of seawater is transferred by ballast tanks every year. The market for a ballast water treatment system will be US$20 billion by 2017 when all vessels must have a system installed. Following the IMO ratification, a ballast water treatment system must be installed on all the ships which will be built from 2012 and all ships already in service by 2017.

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