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FuelCell Energy Sells 1.4 MW Power Plant To G3 Power Systems

Posted on August 17, 2010

FuelCell Energy Inc., a manufacturer of power plants, announced the sale of a 1.4 MW DFC1500 fuel cell power plant to G3 Power Systems Inc. The power plant will be installed at Olivera Egg Ranch, a poultry ranch located in French Camp, California, U.S.A.

The power plant will use renewable biogas for fuel, converting a waste problem at the ranch into clean electricity, according to FuelCell. The ranch currently uses a solid waste lagoon for its waste disposal, which emits ammonia, methane and other gases. An anaerobic digester will take in the waste stream, using heat and microorganisms to reduce the volume of waste and create methane gas as a byproduct. The gas will then be used as fuel to generate renewable electricity, FuelCell said.

The power plant won’t generate harmful pollutants, such as NOx, Sox and particular matter, and will provide all the power needs of the ranch, according to the company. The power plant should be operational by mid 2011.

FuelCell will service the power plant under a five-year service agreement. The sale of this power plant is the first order by G3 under an agreement with FuelCell.

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