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H System Uprated to 520 MW

Posted on June 28, 2005

GE Energy announced it has uprated its 50 Hz, 109H technology from 480 to 520 MW. According to GE, large combined-cycle power plants built over the past few years have used GE 207FA combined-cycle systems (two F technology gas turbines, one steam turbine) to achieve an output in the 520 MW range. Using the uprated 9H technology, a combined-cycle system with only one gas turbine could produce an equivalent amount of power.

During test runs at Baglan Bay, the GE 109H system generated an output of up to 530 MW at 7 degrees C, according to GE. Engineers have analyzed data from the Baglan Bay unit and the experience has been applied to the upgrade of the 9H design. The key enhancements include the introduction of fuel moisturization, clearance control optimization, cooling and sealing improvements.

Firing temperature will remain 1400 degrees C, but will be further optimized to take advantage of lower than expected temperature drop across the first stage nozzles. The uprated, 520 MW H System is commercially available today, and could be shipped as early as late 2007. Many of the new design features will be integrated into the existing unit at Baglan Bay, during a scheduled hot gas path inspection in 2007.

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