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Bio-fuel Engine Order for MAN B&W

Posted on June 7, 2006

MAN B&W Diesel AG recently secured two orders for stationary engines which will run on bio-fuels. The combined order volume is approximately US$13.2 million. The company is to supply one of its 18-cylinder, Vee-configuration type 18V48/60 engines for the Belgian customer Electrawinds Biomassa Mouscron SA. As well as the generator set, the scope-of-supply encompasses the control, lubrication, (emergency) cooling and intake air filtration systems. The plant will have an output of 17.7 MW electrical and 14 MW thermal. Since the engine uses bio-fuel made from waste oil of animal and vegetable origin, the power station qualifies as a so-called sewage plant. The waste oils are prepared in the customer’s own facility according to MAN B&W Diesel specifications. To date, no engine of the size of the 48/60 has been operated on bio-fuel.

In addition to this order, Naturstrom Betriebsgesellschaft Oberhonnefeld (NBO – the Oberhonnefeld operating company for electricity from natural sources), based in Koblenz, Germany, has contracted MAN B&W Diesel to supply a 12-cylinder, Vee-configuration type 12V32/40 engine. This engine, which will likewise operate on vegetable oil, will be installed in a co-generation plant in which waste heat will be used in the production of pellets, and electrical power produced and sold under the German EEG Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (renewable energy legislation). In addition to an electrical output of 5.5 MW, a further 5 MW of thermal energy can be exploited. In this case also, the scope-of-supply comprises the generator set, its ancillary systems and controls.

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