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GE Energy Opens New Technology Center In Belfort France

Posted on June 23, 2009

GE Energy has opened a new Technology Center in Belfort, France, the location of the company’s European headquarters as well as its international center of excellence for the manufacturing of medium-sized gas turbines. The new Technology Centrer will house up to 400 engineers from 15 different countries, who will work to develop the most advanced technology to help customers address environmental and energy challenges.

Despite the current global economic downturn, GE Energy continues to invest in innovation,” said Ricardo Cordoba, GE Company Officer and President of GE Energy for Western Europe and North Africa. “We are opening our new Technology Center at a time when most of the world is discussing energy and environmental challenges such as growing demand, the effects of climate change and the need to reduce energy production costs. The future lies in the development of the most advanced, most effective and cleaner technologies; and that will be part of the mission of our new center.”

The opening of the Technology Centre reinforces Belfort’s role as one of GE Energy’s most important global centers of excellence for the production of heavy duty gas turbines. Constructed with the support of SEMPAT the Technology Centre is dedicated to the management of customer projects worldwide and on-going research and development for existing gas turbine technologies.

The Belfort facility plays an important role in GE’s global power generation business by manufacturing the Frame 6FA gas turbine, an advanced technology, medium-range gas turbine manufactured exclusively at the Belfort site. Covering 12,000 square meters, the center will be fully operational by September 2009 and represents GE Energy and Sempat’s (Société patrimoniale du Territoire de Belfort) joint investment of approximately US$35 million.

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