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Improved Efficiency for MWM Engines

Posted on June 1, 2009

MWM has presented an engine generation with substantially improved efficiency, especially for those units fueled with natural gas and specialty gases. The company specified that Vee-configuration engines in the model series TCG 2016, 2020, and 2032 will reflect the increased values in various packages to be released in the course of the year and the output of the engines running on biogas will be as high as that with natural gas.

The TCG 2016C is now offered in an eight-cylinder version with up to 400 Kw electrical power achieving electrical efficiency of 42.5% under ISO conditions. The existing 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder units now generate 600 and 800 kW electrical power and reach an electrical efficiency of 42.0% and 42.5%, respectively. According to MWM these engines feature an individual efficiency increase of up to 4.3%.

The genset series TCG 2020 features a 12-, 16- and a 20-cylinder model. The output of these gas engines has been increased to 1200, 1560 and 2000 kW electrical power respectively, representing an electrical efficiency increase of up to 3.3%.

As for the engines in the TCG 2032 Series, MWM recently launched the package A with the 12-cylinder version reaching an electrical power output of 3000 kW, while the 16-cylinder unit delivers 4000 kW. This represents a 2.4% efficiency increase, to reach up to 43.0%, according to the company. A package B will further increase the output of the 16-cylinder model to 4300 kW electrical power, thereby achieving an efficiency of 43.5%. MWM said that the total efficiency amounts to more than 87%.

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