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New Tognum Fuel Cell Unveiled at Erdinger Brewery

Posted on June 8, 2009

A new cogeneration fuel cell system from the Tognum brand MTU Onsite Energy has been unveiled at Erdinger Weißbräu brewery. The HotModule HM300 distributed energy system generates electrical power and heat from biogas. The electrical power output is about 240 kW while the thermal output is more than 200 kW. The Erdinger Weißbräu brewery uses the thermal energy to heat the brewery buildings and to heat water for the brewing process.

A gas cleansing system also developed by Tognum subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy Fuel Cell Systems in Ottobrunn near Munich removes possible sulphur residues from the biogas which would otherwise be detrimental to the fuel cell stack. At a temperature of approximately 650°C, the biogas is then converted into hydrogen which reacts electrochemically with the airborne oxygen. Almost 50 percent of the biogas energy content is converted into electrical power, while more than 40 percent translates into waste heat, which has a temperature of roughly 400°C. Taken together, the result is an exceptionally streamlined overall efficiency of more than 90 percent.

“The brewery’s heat requirement levels, which are continuously high throughout the year, make the HotModule the perfect system solution for this type of application, since its inherent advantages come to full fruition when in continuous operation“, explained Christof von Branconi, Tognum COO of the Onsite Energy & Components Business Unit.

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