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Dresser-Rand, Statoil Launch Joint Research Effort

Posted on June 28, 2011

Dresser-Rand Group Inc. and Statoil have launched a joint research and development project based on Dresser-Rand’s Integrated Compression System (ICS). The ICS is a technology platform that uses high-efficiency DATUM centrifugal compressor technology driven by a high speed, close-coupled motor, according to Dresser-Rand.

The compressor rotor incorporates a proprietary, integrated gas-liquid separation unit avoiding the use of a large static inlet scrubber to protect the compressor. The compression system is complete with process gas coolers, process piping, valves and instrumentation, all packaged into a single lift module. The ICS provides a complete compression system for applications in upstream, midstream and downstream markets. The first unit has been built and shipped in September 2010, and is expected to start operation later this year, Dresser-Rand said.

Initially, the companies will focus on configuring the ICS package for high power applications in a nominal 8 to 12 MW range. Once the equipment operating conditions and package requirements have been clearly defined, Dresser-Rand will build a high power ICS and test it in its liquid-gas hydrocarbon facility in Olean, New York, U.S.A. In addition, Dresser-Rand plans to conduct testing on a subsea test stand to be constructed along the existing facility, also in Olean. This phase is expected to be completed during 2012.

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