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Dresser Wayne Now Known As Wayne

Posted on June 16, 2011

GE announced that Dresser Wayne, global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, will now operate under the brand name Wayne. The company will go to market as Wayne with the tagline, “A GE Energy Business.” GE acquired Dresser, Inc., including its Dresser Wayne business segment, in February 2011.

The determination to maintain the individual Wayne brand came after researching the existing equity of the Wayne name and the value it holds for fuel retailers worldwide, GE said. GE and Dresser Wayne worked with an international brand research firm and concluded that maintaining the Wayne name was critical to preserve the brand and equity it has built since the 1800s. As part of GE Energy, Wayne will continue to leverage its legacy of 120 years in the retail and fleet fueling industry.

“Almost since the birth of the service-station industry, the Wayne name has stood behind countless new innovations and technologies that have literally shaped the face of the modern fuel station,” said Neil Thomas, global president of Wayne. “The Wayne name is highly regarded by customers in more than 145 countries, and I am extremely pleased that GE has recognized that value of the Wayne brand.”

The Wayne brand has been in the industry since the company introduced the first oil pump in 1891. Since then, Wayne has been responsible for many industry innovations, such as the mechanical computing dispenser, the blending pump, the electronic dispenser and the technology that enables pay-at-the-pump self-service, according to the company.

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