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AirFlow and Alantum Establish Joint Development Agreement

Posted on March 3, 2009

AirFlow Catalyst Systems of Rochester, New York, U.S.A. and Alantum Corporation of South Korea recently signed a joint development agreement under which AirFlow will develop catalytic coatings for Alantum’s proprietary alloy foam material that is used in diesel emission control systems.

Alantum’s alloy foam is a high temperature, corrosion-resistant material to be used as a catalyst substrate in exhaust after treatment systems. The material is lightweight, flexible, permeable, and stable in its form, even at high temperatures. These properties make the foam sheets ideal for use in catalytic converters and particulate filters, according to the company. The main strengths of the foam when compared to conventional catalyst carriers lie in the material’s flexibility and the fact that with the high surface area of Alantum’s alloy foam, less substrate material is required to achieve the same performance results. Less substrate requires less catalyst, which translates to the use of less precious metal and allows for an overall smaller system size as well.

AirFlow will import the foam material in sheet form from Alantum’s manufacturing facilities in Germany. The sheets come in a variety of micron pore sizes ranging from 480 microns to 1200 microns. AirFlow’s patented coating provides optimum coverage and durability to the final product. The AirFlow coating technology includes in-process optical scanning for process control to ensure there are no blocked pores increasing the efficiency of the exhaust system.

For more information: WWW.AIRFLOWCATALYST.COM

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