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Capstone Turbine Sells First C200 into Shanghai

Posted on March 17, 2009

A 14-story high rise in Shanghai is the first in China’s largest city to use a clean-and-gThe low-emission, highly efficient, natural-gas microturbine from Capstone will be installed this summer to produce clean electricity for the Shanghai Shenergy Energy Center, along with thermal power providing air conditioning and hot and chilled water.reen C200 microturbine energy system from Capstone Turbine Corporation.

Capstone’s distributor, Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., sold the system and will oversee installation. The electricity will supplement power from the local utility, while the exhaust-heat energy generated by the compact C200 microturbine will be captured and run through two Yazaki absorption chillers.

The chillers will use the waste energy to heat or chill water for the building and provide efficient air conditioning. Combined Cooling Heating & Power (CCHP) is far more fuel efficient and environmentally beneficial than traditional utility power and boiler heating. The system in the Energy Center building will reach close to 75 percent efficiency – more than double the efficiency of the energy produced by the local coal-fired power plant.

The C200 product provides the same benefits of ultra low exhaust emissions, low noise emissions, low maintenance costs and industry leading reliability which have become the signature of all Capstone products. It features Capstone's patented oil free air bearing technology, remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, and integrated utility synchronization and protection. The small, modular systems allow for easy and low-cost installation.

For more information: WWW.CAPSTONETURBINE.COM

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