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Siemens Wins Upgrade Contracts

Posted on May 19, 2006

The Siemens SPPATM-T3000 control system has been selected for the gas turbine controls on four power plants, owned by different power companies around the globe. Two orders are for plants in Korea, one in Brazil and one in Peru. The two Korea orders also include advanced Dry Low NOx combustion system upgrades. The combined order value is more than US$64 million. The Uruguaiana power plant, owned and operated by AES, is located in Brazil, near the Argentina border. It is a 600 MW 2-on-1 combined-cycle plant with two Siemens W501F (now marketed as SGT6-5000F) gas turbines. AES will upgrade Uruguaiana’s gas turbine control system to Siemens’ SPPA-T3000 systems. AES also opted for combustor dynamics protection systems (CDPS) to connect to each DCS. The CDPS monitors the gas turbine engine’s pressure fluctuations, which, among other benefits, can help to regulate the proper amounts of fuel and air for efficient operation. The upgrade is intended for completion in September 2006.

The Ilsan power plant is an 830 MW combined-cycle power plant, running on LNG, and located just outside of Seoul, Korea. The plant features six Siemens W501D5 (now marketed as SGT6-3000E) combustion turbines, older OEM control which will be upgraded to SPPA-T3000 systems. These upgrades are intended to be completed in three phases and all six turbine control systems are targeted for upgrade completion around the fall 2007. At Ilsan, Siemens also will complete turnkey installation of an advanced technology Dry Low NOx (DLN) upgrade, designed to help reduce total NOx and yellow plume from NO2 emissions. The DLN upgrade is targeted for completion in conjunction with the last phase of the SPPA-T3000 upgrades.

GS Power’s 450 MW Bucheon power plant, also located near Seoul, Korea, comprises three W501D5 (SGT6-3000E) gas turbines. All three gas turbines will undergo control system upgrades from the original OEM control systems to SPPA-T3000 systems, along with CDPSs for each turbine. The control system upgrades are intended to occur in three phases, with the first one targeted for completion in November 2006, and the second and third for May and June 2007. Additionally, Bucheon will receive an advanced Dry Low NOx upgrade, which is also is targeted for completion in June 2007.

Globeleq is scheduled to construct the 185 MW Kallpa simple cycle power plant in Peru. For Kallpa, the company has purchased a W501FD2 (now marketed as SGT6-5000F) gas turbine from another utility, which had the engine in storage. The turbine has an existing TXP control system but Globeleq has opted to upgrade to the Siemens SPPA-T3000 with a CDPS to help provide advanced and integrated controls and operating efficiency. The Kallpa plant is scheduled to be online in April 2007.

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