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Alstom and Bombardier to Supply 83 Regional Trains

Posted on May 8, 2009

Deutsche Bahn Regio AG has placed an order with Alstom and Bombardier for 83 new regional EMU trains. The trains will serve the 6 lines of the Stuttgart city and suburban rail network, carrying around 330,000 passengers every day. Manufacturing will take place in Alstom’s factory in Salzgitter and Bombardier’s Hennigsdorf facility, both located in Germany, with delivery scheduled between February and December 2012.

Eco-friendly technologies have been brought on board, with regenerative brakes that allow braking energy to be recovered and fed back into the electric power network. The energy consumption of the new trains will be about 40% less than the recent vehicles. Similarly, heat released by components such as the transformer and converter will be used to heat the cars, which will generate significant cost savings.

Designed in close cooperation with Stuttgart’s urban rail operator, the ET 430 trains will each comprise 4 cars with a carrying capacity of up to 494 passengers per train. The maximum speed of 140 km/h and the acceleration and braking performance of the electrical multiple units will help to increase service frequency. Each train will feature 24 automatic doors and a set of gap bridges to help passengers board and alight, while the wide central aisles will facilitate movement within and between cars. In addition to onboard screens providing users with live rail traffic updates, excellent visibility and four surveillance cameras within each car will ensure passenger safety.

The trains have been designed in accordance with the latest European standards for interoperability, accessibility and safety in tunnels. They also meet current passive safety requirements.

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