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Cummins Launches Tier 2 QSK60 Power Module

Posted on May 4, 2009

Cummins Inc. has launched its QSK60 offshore-drilling power module at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. The new power module is rated 1383 kW at 1200 r/min with a 10 percent overload capability and is integrated with a Cummins-manufactured AvK DSG99 alternator at 2150 kVa and 690 volts. The unit is specifically designed, built and tested for offshore oil and gas drilling applications and is ideal for the durability, reliability and power density requirements of high-hour and hard-duty cycle applications such as drilling power modules with no major midlife top-end overhaul requirement, the company said.

The Cummins Modular Common Rail (MCR) fuel system enables full-authority electronic control over fuel timing, quantity, pressure and delivery rate shape. Precision control over the number of injection events enables optimum performance, fuel economy, smooth power delivery, better idle stability, and dramatically reduced engine noise, as well as providing the capability for an in-cylinder Tier 2 emissions solution. The MCR fuel system also gives the QSK60 power module a fine-tuned fuel calibration to meet all marine regulations, including EPA Marine Tier 2, IMO Tier 1 and EC Directive Regulations.

The power module is designed for the lowest installation cost for repowers by using customer interfaces similar to competitor packages for quick installation in rigs that allow for the easiest accessibility. The QSK60 is also designed with common mounting arrangements for drilling applications.

The QSK60 power module offers an electronic information system with a C-Command Elite and Elite Plus panel designed to protect and enhance engine performance and manage cost. The electronic information system and special panels provide customers rugged controls that are able to stand up to marine environments and use flexible presentations of engine parameters, multilingual touch screens with full-color text and graphics, and remote panel options to simultaneously monitor up to eight engines. For customers interested in using their own controls, the engine can accept speed signals in 0-10 VDC, 0-200 mA, or MODBUS protocols as well. Cummins Advanced Engine Monitoring (AEM) system provides a high level of visibility into the engine's performance with extended data logging capturing beneficial information on fuel consumption, duty cycle and load factor, operational trends, fault snapshots and shutdown information.

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