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GE Oil & Gas Recognized for Steam Turbine Technology

Posted on November 17, 2009

GE Oil & Gas’ advanced steam turbine technology has won CSP Today’s Best Applied Research and Development Award for innovation in concentrated solar power (CSP). The awards were presented in conjunction with the 3rd EU Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit, which took place in Seville, Spain.

GE Oil & Gas steam turbine technology was selected by experts from within the concentrated solar power and energy industry. GE was selected due to continuous innovation in steam turbine engineering design and its critical role in helping countries and operators meet renewable energy production objectives.

Specifically, GE is developing more robust steam turbines designed to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of parabolic-trough and solar tower-mirrored CSP plants. In many CSP applications, steam turbines face a wide steam-flow range with a high number of start-up/shut-down cycles, sometimes as many as 10 times the number in traditional turbine applications. In addition to the mechanical design challenges, market requirements also demand high values of efficiency comparable to large electricity production plants. The advanced mechanical design of GE Oil & Gas steam turbines in engineered to accomodate these challenges in a single solution, the company said.

Since 2007, GE’s steam turbine technology has powered Abengoa S.A.’s 11-MW, PS10 plant in Seville, representing Europe’s largest power tower CSP facility. GE said its technology is also supporting several other CSP projects in Spain, including Acciona Energy’s Palma Del Rio I and II plants and several new plants under construction throughout the Murcia region.

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