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Johnson Matthey Acquires Applied Utility Systems From Catalytic Solutions

Posted on October 26, 2009

Johnson Matthey has expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of the assets of Applied Utility Systems, Inc. (AUS), Aliso Viejo, California, U.S.A., from Catalytic Solutions, Inc. AUS specializes in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for reducing NOx emissions and has more than 20 years experience in designing, fabricating and installing emissions control systems for gas turbines, boilers and process heaters. It has installed SCR and CO systems on more than 4000 MW of power generation and process equipment.

Mike Cinaglia, Managing Director, Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control (SEC), said the acquisition of AUS strengthens Johnson Matthey’s capabilities as an SCR system supplier. “We are excited about acquiring the business of Applied Utility Systems, Inc., as it is a direct fit with our well established SEC emissions control business for coal-fired power plants, process industries and internal combustion engines for power generation, locomotive and marine applications. It enhances our capability to serve a greater range of applications for controlling harmful NOx and CO emissions."

Johnson Matthey is a provider of both emissions control catalysts and in engineered systems to reduce emissions from a variety of sources. Coupled with AUS’s capabilities, Cinaglia added, "Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control business is positioned to be a global supplier of emissions control systems for gas turbines, boilers and process heaters."

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