Sensor System For Machinery Alignment

Accurate alignments reduce unwanted maintenance costs, power consumption, vibration levels while increasing equipment availability

Posted on October 24, 2012

Ludeca Inc. has launched sensALIGN, an intelligent sensor system for machinery alignment. sensALIGN combines Prueftechnik’s new, patented intelligent sensor technology into the ROTALIGN ULTRA iS platform, yielding instantaneous data acquisition and real time results display — with guaranteed 100% accuracy under even the roughest of field conditions, the company said.

The sensALIGN intelligence automatically considers the effects of ambient vibration, acceleration of rotation, backlash, speed of rotation and other factors in determining the Quality Factor (QF) of alignment readings. This makes the system ideal for long-term, stand-alone monitoring of machine positional change (Live Trend) as well as routine everyday shaft alignment, Ludeca said. An improved user-friendly interface makes the ROTALIGN ULTRA iS faster than ever, while still collecting thousands of measurement points with its patented Continuous IntelliSWEEP method.