Hands-Free Engine Block Honing

Productivity increased with 50 to 70% labor savings; features include automatic load control, automatic zero position setting system

Posted on October 30, 2013

Rottler Manufacturing Llc. has released its H70A Series CNC Vertical Honing Machines, which allow complete engine blocks (in-line and V-blocks) to be honed automatically and unattended.

The company said that features such as load control and lower crash detection allow easy, fast and accurate honing from small to very large cylinders.

The H75A is designed for small to mid-size engines and has capacity to hone up to 187 mm diameter.

The H75 has capacity to hone form the smallest to large 6 cylinder in-line diesel blocks up to 1.4 m long. Rottler said the H75 has 965 mm of X-axis travel on linear slideways, so that large blocks with cylinder bore centers up to 965 mm apart can be honed.

The H76A is designed for small to large-size engines and has capacity to hone up to 305 mm diameter including large cylinder liners up to 254 mm diameter.

Rottler said the machines’ compact size contribute to the reduction of production line space. The H70A Series features the latest Windows touch screen control technology, including an international multi language feature that allows for easy translation into multiple languages.