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New Generation Marine Diesel from Wärtsilä

Posted on September 30, 2004

Wärtsilä has introduced the new medium-speed 46F, the latest of a marine engine series launched in 1987 with the Vasa 46, as it was then called. The new engine, though visually similar to the original Wärtsilä 46 with a similar bore and stroke, is a new engine with the latest technology applied to all major components. The engine includes features such as common rail injection and scaleable embedded control, for high performance and low exhaust emissions, regardless of fuel quality. It is ideally suited to applications which place a premium on optimum space layout, savings in operating and maintenance costs, superior environmental performance and fuel adaptability, according to Wärtsilä.

The new engine will initially cover the output range from 7500 to 11 250 kW at 600 r/min in 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-cylinder in-line configurations. The higher output of the Wärtsilä 46F has been achieved by increasing engine speed instead of mean effective pressure, allowing full exploitation of the latest developments in turbocharger technology for efficiency and environmental optimization. In full-load operation, early closure of the inlet valves makes it possible to use a low effective compression ratio, resulting in a work cycle characterized by low combustion air temperature, which keeps the rate of NOx formation low. See the November issue of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide for a comprehensive story covering this engine.

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