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System upgrades on steam turbine generator controls completed

Posted on September 23, 2013

Wood Group GTS has completed a US$800 000 contract for Genesys Control, Main Automation Contractor, to upgrade two MHI 73MW steam turbine generators as part of a major automation migration effort of the Electroguayas, Gonzalo Zevallos Power Generation plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Wood Group GTS has updated the turbine/generator control systems and associated HMI (human machine interface), and upgraded the vintage mechanical steam governor/actuation system with an all-electric actuation system for steam control.

In addition, the control system was designed to the SIL 2 safety integrity level, providing enhanced equipment safety as well as improved plant availability and reliability, the company said.

Wood Group GTS said it previously worked with GENESYS to update a Pratt & Whitney FT4 Power Pac combustion turbine generator 29 MW at the same power plant in Ecuador.