Wärtsilä Exec To Head EUGINE

Association to act as manufacturers’ voice in energy policy matters

Posted on April 28, 2014

Kari Hietanen, executive vice president at Wärtsilä Corp., has been appointed president of the European Engine Power Plants Association (EUGINE).

EUGINE is a newly established association of European manufacturers of engine power plants. There are 14 founding corporate members in the association, which acts as the voice of the industry in regulatory and policy matters relating to energy. EUGINE said its objective is to accelerate the acceptance of engine power plant technology as an essential and value adding energy source in Europe.

EUGINE aims to ensure that engine power plants are considered a viable and competitive solution for providing flexible energy, and that such flexibility is recognized and rewarded in the energy market. The association said it will thus contribute to the development of a reliable, affordable, more sustainable and modern European energy system, resulting in substantial economic and environmental benefits.

As a result of the increasing penetration of variable renewable generation into the system, there is a greater demand for flexibility in power generation to balance the fluctuations created as a result of the variable generation from wind and solar.