BASF, MAN building industrial-scale heat pump
Project would produce up to 150 metric tons of steam per hour, equaling 120 MW
U.S. coal industry group lauds Supreme Court decision
Justices limit EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants
WinGD offering battery-hybrid integration services
X-EL Energy Solutions aims to widen range of vessels that can benefit from electrification
EST-Floattech battery system for newbuild
Hybrid coaster part of a series of three
WinGD introduces EEXI fix
Engine Power Limitation system offered
MAN, Anglo-Eastern sign EEXI solutions pact
MAN Energy Solutions will supply its Overridable Power Limitation solutions for 300 vessels
Mitsubishi to test direct engine carbon capture
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG)’s CO2 capture technology will be installed on a generator set operated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger (MHIET)
Wärtsilä unveils new tech center
Sustainable Technology Hub centerpiece of decarbonization efforts for company
Ammonia test at power plant speeded up
IHI, power company JERA accelerate demonstration project
Carrier design for liquefied CO2 wins approval
ClassNK issues OK for design developed by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding
Mitsubishi Heavy signs ultra-low carbon fuel pact
Will work with U.S.-based Infinium to deploy technology in Japan
Carnival works with Wärtsilä on decarbonization path
Simulations will identify the most beneficial retrofittable solution while minimizing the required installation
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