ABC says new engine platform is ‘future proof’

By Jack Burke02 November 2021

Engine line predesigned to integrate future technologies

Anglo Belgian Corp. (ABC) said its new multifuel engine platform will help vessel owners transition from conventional fuel to new and future fuel types.

The first member of the new EVOLVE range of engines is the 4-cylinder medium speed 4EL23.

Citing uncertain policy reforms, competing technologies and volatile fuel prices, ABC said the EVOLVE platform was developed to tackle the challenge of uncertainty.

“Today, with the 4EL23, first member of the EVOLVE range, we open up a new route towards a green future for maritime transportation,” ABC CEO Tim Berckmoes said. “We present the combustion engine of the next century, whatever the fuel. The 4EL23 is the first multifuel medium speed engine to face the transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon head-on. We are changing the game. As such, we both propel the profitable growth of our clients and protect the future of our planet. At ABC, performance, efficiency and future proof versatility go together. With the 4EL23 and the EVOLVE range, we innovate uncertainty and unpredictability out of the equation.”

According to ABC, combustion engines will be around for a very long time to come. Many fuel options will become available and converting the EVOLVE engine will be simple.

The new engine is predesigned to integrate the most recent future technologies (liquid fuel, dual fuel, spark-ignited), the company said, and will allow for the financially viable conversion/retrofit to new fuel types using the same engine.

The company said the engine’s fuel injection system can be updated as needed. For example, for liquid fuel, the engine can use a high efficient common rail or PLN fuel system. For dual fuel, a micro pilot liquid fuel injection system coupled with a gas injection system can be used. For 100% gaseous fuels, spark plugs can be incorporated.

The engine has a nominal power range of 1.1-1.4 HP at 400 rpm. It has a bore and stroke of 230x310 mm.

ABC said the optional protective engine shell gives the 4EL23 a smooth and modern look. But to ABC, the design is an integral part of functionality. The protective engine shell protects engine and crew from damage or injuries. It dampens heat, noise and vibrations. The user-friendly LED interface creates tool free access.

The 4EL23 is a compact, strong medium-speed 4-cylinder engine delivering superior engine performance at full and partial load. To support the current energy transition, the 4EL23 is fully optimized to run efficiently on diesel with EATS technology for ultra-low emissions until other fuels are economically available.

DOWNLOAD the catalogue of the 4EL23 and find out more about this ground-breaking engine.

About Anglo Belgian Corporation

Since the foundation in 1912, ABC has been operating from Ghent, in the heart of Europe. For more than 100 years, ABC has been dedicated to keep your business going by producing reliable & innovative engines & gensets.

One of our driving forces is built-in stability: by sticking to our geographic roots at the crossroads of many logistic routes; and by building on a rock steady ownership structure with passion, knowledge and entrepreneurship handed over from generation to generation.

This unique and steady position has allowed ABC to build a strong track record in R&D and innovation; to create a highly skilled and passionate workforce; to roll out a seamless network of production units for a vertically integrated value chain. This gives our customers the biggest advantage in a globalized economy: reliability.

Our commitment is always to you and to helping you make future proof choices. That is why we are currently expanding our workshop and factory capacity again in Ghent. This is where new solutions will be born. This is where we will keep on powering your future.

No matter which future materializes, we power it.

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