Overspeed protection system from Istec

Now available globally

IstecIstec, an industrial equipment supplier based in the Netherlands, said its SIL rated overspeed protection system for gas and steam turbines is now globally available.

The company said its Istec SpeedSys 200 is an innovation driven by growing market needs and decades of experience with speed applications, to broaden the range of rotating machinery that is eligible for high integrity overspeed detection. A year of running successful compliance tests, obtaining the SIL 2 certificate, and a growing international partner network marks the global launch of the SpeedSys 200.

Istec said the SpeedSys 200 negates the complexity of rack-based systems by delivering the core layer of SIL-rated overspeed protection with a compact architecture. It adapts to market needs by taking scalability to a new level and increasing the accessibility of high integrity safety systems for rotating machinery, without any safety concessions, according to the company.

A growing global adoption to SIL for both small and large rotating machinery demands innovation on the machine protection market. SpeedSys 200 adapts to these shifting demands with an architecture to suit the technical and financial environment of any rotating machine.

To complement its product portfolio, Istec is developing a series of advanced products for speed measurements and protection, including:

Istec SpeedMon delivers advanced speed monitoring functions, for conditions like creep, underspeed, reverse rotation and standstill.

Istec SpeedSen is a SIL-certified Hall-effect speed sensor for accurate speed measurements.

Istec Simulator enables software-guided speed simulations for proof testing and commissioning of speed and vibration protection systems. For speed, it supports (3-channel) simultaneous signal testing to enable full proof testing for any voting structure.

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