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ENKA Generating Stations Achieve 99.8% Availability

Posted on April 5, 2011

Using F-technology gas turbines recently upgraded by GE, Turkish company ENKA exceeded the global power plant availability average over the 12-month period ending November 2010. ENKA’s Adapazari and Gebze generating stations, which are powered by GE Frame 9FA+e gas turbines and have a total installed capacity of 2320 MW, achieved 99.8% availability, which is nearly 7% higher than the industry average and a record in F-class gas turbine technology, according to ENKA.

The significant increase in availability allowed the Adapazari and Gebze plants to generate an additional 1.3 million MWh of electricity, enough to meet the needs of 300 000 households. ENKA is a private electricity producer in Turkey that supplies 15% of the country’s electricity with three plants in Adapazari, Gebze and Izmir.

ENKA worked with GE Energy in 2008 and 2009 to implement an efficiency improvement upgrade called the Cooling Optimization Package (COP) on the GE Frame 9FA gas turbines operating at both power plants. As a result of the COP implementation, gas turbine output increased by 2% and average combined-cycle efficiency reached 55.7%, ENKA said.

The Adapazari and Gebze plants have been delivering continuous power to the Turkish for the last eight years, producing 9% of the country’s total generation.

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