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Kittiwake Developments Acquires Procal

Posted on December 13, 2010

Kittiwake Developments, an asset protection technology company, has acquired Procal, a manufacturer of multi component continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS).

The newly-named Kittiwake Procal supplies CEMS for a range of applications, including power generation, marine and offshore, cement, incineration, refineries, paper and pulp, steel, nitric acid and fertilizers, the company said.

The Kittiwake Procal CEMS enables an integrated system capable of receiving data from other instruments, which typically measure parameters such as oxygen, opacity/dust and velocity. In addition to displaying, data logging and retransmitting, the Kittiwake Procal system can use this data to correct the readings to normalized levels, Kittiwake said.

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