GE Launches Distributed Power Business

US$1.4 billion investment to meet worldwide need for on-site power

Posted on February 25, 2014

GE has launched its new Distributed Power Business, a combination of three product lines – Aeroderivative Gas Turbines, Jenbacher Gas Engines and Waukesha Gas Engines – aimed to better serve the distributed power space.

The company said it will invest US$1.4 billion over four years to help meet the world’s growing demand for on-site power systems that are easier to finance, faster to install, and more efficient and reliable for customers. The investment will go into gas engine and turbine technology, products and services, GE said.

Distributed power has become increasingly popular in countries that are seeking more reliable, efficient energy options near the point of use – on or off the grid. According to a GE report, distributed power will grow 40% faster than global electricity demand between now and 2020.

Distributed power technologies are improving access to electricity in remote areas with poor or non-existent grids; ensuring industrial and residential energy efficiency and emergency power in the event of natural disasters and other unplanned outages; and providing electricity to remote oil and gas operations as well as mechanical power to pump and compress gas.

The company also announced it plans to develop a high-speed diesel in the first quarter of 2016, with details of the 1.5 MW machine to be available later this year.