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New Inlet Filtration System from GE

Posted on February 4, 2010

According to GE, their new Altair System3 can offer better protection for turbines operating in some of the world’s most demanding conditions. This new system offers better protection from salt and other fine particulate and can help reduce the number of costly, unplanned outages on turbines. In addition, AltairSystem3 can help lengthen the amount of time between planned maintenance intervals.

AltairSystem3 builds upon the GE’s SRS Technology system to remove both wet and dry salt particulate in all weather conditions and at all levels of humidity. The new system adds sub-micron particulate and enhanced droplet removal efficiency without any impact on pressure loss. Customers get a higher through-life efficiency of the final filter and a longer in-service filter life with vastly improved dust-holding capacity. Existing AltairSystem2 users can upgrade to AltairSystem3 with minimal installation time and usually without the need for “hot work.” This means the benefits of AltairSystem3 can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

AltairSystem3 is available as both a retrofit and as a new system. As with all the GE Energy offshore systems, it can be up to half the size of competitors’ offshore filtration systems, which is particularly useful in such confined work spaces.

“AltairSystem3 is ideal for offshore environments in drier climates such as areas close to deserts or industrial sites. It can keep turbines running, for instance, even after they’re hit with waves big enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool,” says John Whitworth, GE’s senior product manager — filtration technologies for GE Energy Services. “GE has more than 40 years experience in marine and offshore filtration — making both gas turbines and the filtration systems that protect them."

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