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Patent Application Accepted For Miratech's V-CAT DOC

Posted on January 27, 2010

MIRATECH Corporation has been notified that the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application submitted for its V-CAT catalyst has been accepted. Acceptance of the PCT opens the door to and simplifies the process for subsequent international patent filings.

Under the PCT, MIRATECH, by filing a single international patent application in one language with one patent office, will streamline the process for seeking protection for its V-CAT design in up to 117 countries throughout the world. The MIRATECH V-CAT catalyst/exhaust manifold system addresses a number of engineering challenges that have hampered previous emission control efforts, according to Jonathan Roberts, MIRATECH sales manager for Locomotive and Marine Markets.

V-CAT’s efficacy was proven in a 14-month in-service field test, after which the unit was inspected and emissions tested at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The inspection found no mechanical issues and emission reductions of 49% PM, 75% HC and 82% CO based on the EPA line-haul cycle measured.

MIRATECH announced in December that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included the V-CAT in the National Clean Diesel Campaign’s Emerging Technology List for marine applications, qualifying the V-CAT for inclusion in requests for funding through the EPA Clean Diesel program.

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