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Wärtsilä Launches Portfolio Of Environmental Services

Posted on February 8, 2010

Wärtsilä has introduced a new portfolio of services, Environmental Services, which offers both marine and energy market customers environmentally-related services, products and solutions in the industry. This portfolio is inline with Wärtsilä's strategy of strengthening its position as a provider of environmental retrofit solutions to already existing installations.

Environmental Services will help customers minimize emissions into the air and water, and help them to meet increasingly stringent legislation and regulations. The new portfolio includes a range of products, solutions and services aimed at both land-based power plants and ship installations. As part of the portfolio, Wärtsilä offers catalysts (SCR) that treat nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, while scrubbers are offered for removing sulfur oxides (SOx). Wärtsilä can also offer complete oily water treatment systems for power plants and marine applications that meet stringent standards.

In addition, Wärtsilä is able to offer total service packages, including start-ups, installations, engineering work, and maintenance and repairs. Wärtsilä is also planning to develop a new area of expertise, namely consultancy services, to support customers in optimizing their environmental performance. Further plans to broaden the company's services offering to customers are also in the works.

Environmental Services will be offered via Wärtsilä's global network, comprising of 160 locations.

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