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In It For The Long Haul

Posted on January 28, 2011

Russian Railways held a test run on the Bekovka-Bekasovo line of the Moscow Railway for the first GT1-001 Russian gas turbine-electric locomotive, hauling a train weighing 12 000 tons, the company said.

The test run demonstrated the locomotive’s capacity to haul long, heavy-tonnage trains. The development of a new type of locomotive for Russia began in December 2006 following an agreement on the joint creation of a gas turbine-electric locomotive between Russian Railways and the Kuznetsov Scientific and Technical Complex in Samara.

The locomotive works on liquefied natural gas, and is suited for use on non-electrified sections of the railway network. It comprises two sections; one houses the turbine and power unit, and the other contains the fuel tank. One full tank can power the locomotive for 750 km. The maximum power of the gas turbine-electric locomotive is 83 000 kW.

The first gas turbine-electric locomotives are planned to be used in regions of Siberia where there are large reserves of natural gas, the company said.

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