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Siemens' Seal-Less Compressor Unit Passes Factory Test Program

Posted on August 25, 2010

Siemens Energy’s seal-less compressor unit for dirty gas and subsea applications has successfully completed its factory test program. The machine will now undergo an extended test program.

Testing of the STC-ECO covered thermodynamic performance, such as internal cooling, rotor dynamic behavior, motor performance and stability of the bearing system. The next phase of testing will concentrate on reliability testing with the focus on performance and mechanical robustness. A further phase will target wet gas, such as liquid injection into the main gas stream and further endurance and robustness tests.

The development and qualification program aims to ensure a compressor system is qualified for subsea compression because repairs to such systems can’t be performed on the seabed. The STC-ECO compressor features a high-speed induction motor and multistage centrifugal compressor on a single shaft in a single casing.

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